Solo Exhibition “utsuwa”




By using many small mirrors, Akira complicated the phenomena of reflecting the surroundings on mirrors. It became very difficult for people to process all the information from the reflections. In this process, the view of the surroundings was broken up in the reflections in the small mirrors, and combined to become one picture.

The venue was a 100-year-old traditional Japanese house with many glass doors on the first floor where people could enjoy the view of the garden. In the tokonoma area of this house,Akira displayed his patchwork of mirrors, and gathered the view of the interior and exterior to create an abstract work.

In the room on the second floor, he displayed three two-dimensional works. Each work had a different shape and colour: red, blue and green. On the top of a framework, Akira sprayed urethane foam and immediately added randomly cut pieces of mirrors. Urethane foamed and swelled and created an uneven surface on the picture.


個展 器

鏡に周囲の景色が 映るという、一つの事象を、小さな鏡を大量に使うことで、人間の能力ではそれらの情報を処理できないほどに複雑化させた。そして、周囲の景色を解体し、作品の画面を構成する要素として、取り込 んだ。







utsuwa year: 2020 venue: TSUKIMISOU(Kyoto) material: mirror, urethane foam 器 制作年: 2020年 会場: 2kw gallery(滋賀) 素材: 鏡、ウレタンフォーム
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